About shipping Z-Sound products to overseas


We ship all our products to 228 countries!!

 We ship our products to all over the world through World shoppingBIZ, which is overseas shipping agent. You need to pay for (1)item price, (2)domestic shipping fee (3)international shipping fee (4)purchase agency fee-10% and(5)custom duty. About the details of payment and shipping ,please see World shoppingBiz website.

 We are now preparing for all items in stocks. But most of our products tend to run out shortly,and once it runs out it takes months to next production. So we deliberately let the customers outside Japan not be able to add items in cart as shown below,even though we might have stocks.

If you would like to buy our products from overseas, please make contact with us from message form. We will send you back a email within 4 business days. If We have a stock, we make a special URL for you in which you can add items to cart. Also we will tell you the shipping box size and weight. (you can simulate internationl shipping cost)

Support and warranty

 Items instructions are written in English. But they are translated by word automaic translation.We support your assembly or usage by Email in English or Japanese when you have in trouble.

 Z-Sound products are guaranteed for initial defects for 2 years. However, the warranty for the speaker drivers that comes with it will be the length of the warranty period specified by each manufacturer. In the case of shipping mistakes, etc., we will respond regardless of the warranty period.